Self Binding Baby Blanket

photo 1

It’s baby shower season!  Ok…I know babies are born all the time, but for me, I know a handful of mammas-to-be who are expecting in March or April.  For showers lately, I’ve been trying to get a little something from the registry and also create a little something from the heart.  My friend Diana and her husband have an adorable little French Bulldog so when I saw this fabric at Joanne’s, I thought it was perfect for a little baby blanket!

It was my first time sewing with Minky fabric (the soft fabric with the little dots.)   I had heard it was tricky to work with but this blanket wasn’t very big so I managed just fine.  The blanket is folded up in the picture provided but the finished product was roughly 38″ x 38″.

To make the blanket, I followed this great youtube tutorial “The Self Binding Baby Quilt”.  It was easy to follow and I love how it turned out.

I think my friend will love it!

Happy sewing.  🙂


DIY Matching American Girl PJ’s

photo 1

For Christmas, I made my 7yr old niece these pyjama sets!  I consider this a DIY project however, I didn’t make all of it from scratch.  For starters, I bought the sequin skull shirt from Wal-mart, the little pink American Girl t-shirt from Michael’s, and those adorable bunny slippers from Hobby Lobby.  The real DIY parts of this project were the PJ pants and sewing the appliqué on the little t-shirt.

For the pants, I used Butterick pattern B6123.  photo 2I made “girl size 7” pants but ended up having to trim off 2 inches from the outside of each pant leg because they were huge!  I think the American Girl pants are a little wide too…so, I’m not too impressed with the pattern.

The fabric I used is called “Lacy Love” from Joanne Fabrics.

*Sewing tip* For the American Girl size PJ pants, sew the hem of the pants first then sew the outer seams.  The pant leg is too small otherwise to fit around your sewing machine.  I found this quick youtube video tutorial that demonstrates this.

Anyway, my niece loved it!

Happy Holidays!  xo

American Girl Party Dress Sewing Pattern


So, for the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with a few new projects aside from crochet!

My little niece, Ashley, got an American Girl for her birthday so I thought I’d try sewing her doll a dress.  I’m not a huge fan of the fabric I used but it was what I had.  I might try this pattern out again with some fabric that suits my niece’s taste a little better…pink, pink and more pink!

To start, I bought the pattern from KottonCandyPatterns on Etsy.  It was really easy to follow and the pattern itself was conveniently printed on only one sheet of paper.

The pattern suggested finishing the edges with a zig-zag stitch or with a serger.  I found in the end that the layers of fabric were too thick.  You definitely need a serger to make this dress look professional inside and out.

I haven’t yet finished the closing of the dress but would like to try inserting a zipper.

Overall, I thought this was a fun pattern to make!

Plush Toy Sewing Pattern


The other night, I got into some sewing again!  This was supposed to be a dog however, it turned into a mouse somehow!  I consider myself a beginner sewer so I wasn’t surprised to see the final product look a little different than the pattern.  I only had a small selection of grey and floral fabric at the time too which didn’t help the situation.  Still, it’s cute!

Here’s how it was supposed to look:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.43.12 AM

I purchased the pattern on Etsy at “ElfPop’s” Store.  It was an instant download and I found the pattern very easy to follow.

I found closing the project along the bottom to be very difficult (as you can see in my project, the raw edges of the legs are showing!  haha).  Clearly, I need more practice with hand stitching fabrics.

I liked her tip of using fabric glue to hold the small felt pieces in place while you stitch them on the sewing machine instead of using pins.

I used interfacing and 6mm safety eyes for the eyes.

I emailed ElfPop a few questions so I can try this out again!  Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!