Crochet Ruffle Diaper Cover


Teehee!!!  I LOVE how this diaper cover turned out.  FINALLY, a pattern that works.  I’ve purchased a few patterns from Etsy and this one is my favourite because the author provided information regarding what type of yarn to use as well as measurements to look out for while you’re crocheting to make sure you are on track to a correct fit.  I purchased the pattern from crochetbyjennifer on Etsy and you can purchase her pattern here.

I used BERNAT handicrafter yarn in “Camomile.”  It was a great yarn to use but I have an issue with the fact that this particular colour is a scented yarn!  (I didn’t realize there was such a thing as scented yarn when I bought it.)  I wasn’t a fan of getting whiffs of artificial camomile fragrance as I made this but at least the scent is light so it won’t bother the new baby.  If you purchase this brand of yarn be sure to buy 2 bundles in the same dye lot as you’ll need more than one bundle to complete the diaper cover.

For the flower on the headband I found this great FREE pattern on Ravelry here.  I loved how all the layers came together so nicely.  The pattern calls for 6 petals but I only did 5.

The headband is a newborn headband from Carters.  I just cut off the bow that it came with and hand stitched my crocheted flower on to the band.  Easy peasy.

I really enjoyed making this pattern and can’t wait to meet the little girl who it’s for.  Her due date is today!  Come on baby girl!

Happy Crochet’ing



Amigurumi Fruit


I am loving the Boston Sun chunky yarn I’m using lately however, it’s limited in colour choices.  That’s ok, how cute are these fruity buddies?

They all came from different patterns.

Watermelon:  The watermelon is loosely based on a free pattern I found on Ravelry.  You can find it here.  If you’re familiar with crochet terms, the original pattern has you do a base chain of 31 stitches (which was HUGE with the yarn I was using.)  I am not great with sizing down patterns but I made this watermelon with a base chain of 15.  As you can see, it got a little wonky towards the top!  I also added in a row of white – the original pattern doesn’t have that.  So…not exactly my best piece but probably good enough for a baby to play with!  If anyone out there has any tutorials or tips on how to adjust patterns correctly, please send them my way.

Orange/Clementine:  To make this little clementine I used the same pattern that I used for the Two Peas in a Pod that I made recently.  I did the magic ring in green and the rest in orange.  Piece of cake.

Strawberry:  I got the free strawberry pattern from a blog with the address “moist crocheted vagina.”  HAHA!  Although the blog has a little potty mouth, I find it hilarious and the patterns are great!  She has a lot of free play food patterns.  You can find the strawberry pattern here.

To finish off all my projects I learned “the ultimate finish” technique from Planet June.  She also has a great tutorial with how to embroider on faces here.

Happy Crochet’ing






Amigurumi Carrot



Continuing on with my fruit and veggie amigurumi trend that I’ve got going, I made a cheerful carrot!

I’m enjoying making fruits and veggies at the moment because they’re usually only one piece and I’m finding them easy to complete while also learning the ropes of being a new mom.  The best part is that my little one can safely play with them when I’m done.

I got this pattern for FREE from Kristi Tullus’ blog.  You can find it here. THANKYOU KRISTI!  She kindly included all different sizes to make and a great PDF file to refer to.  The pattern was clean looking, easy to follow and included nice photos of the details.  I used the small size pattern but it looks so big because I’m using chunky Boston Sun yarn in neon orange and a 4.5mm hook.  The bumps and texture of each crochet stitch makes it perfect for a teething baby to chew on.

I sewed on the face with black yarn.  You can find great tips on sewing faces from Planet June’s blog here.

I encourage you to check out all the tutorials on both blogs mentioned as I feel they’ve really helped my amigurumi skills.

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Next up, some fruit!

Happy crochet’ing



Amigurumi Rabbit

watermarked bunny

These amigurumi creations take a little longer for me to complete these days with a newborn but it’s been nice to have a few quiet moments here and there to work on them.

As usual, I’ve added a little scarf to make it a “winter themed” rabbit.  My intention is to have these winter creations as Christmas ornaments when we one day have Christmas at home.  (At the moment my husband’s career moves around.)  Amigurumi has been a great hobby for me because it calms my nerves and I can take it just about anywhere.  The finished products weigh nothing which makes them easy to bring home, they’re not breakable, and when I look at them, I like to remember where I was when I made them.

This was another great pattern from Son’s Popkes.  I love her patterns.  I didn’t have a soft contrasting colour on hand to follow the pattern exactly but I like how it turned out anyway.  The pattern also had great details on how to assemble it together.

For the scarf, I did a chain of white then single crocheted green on each side.  I tied the tails in a knot at the ends.


Lastly, as I was googling amigurumi techniques recently, I came across a great page with some really clear tutorials.  You can find it here.  There are some free patterns and PDF pages to print as well – I love it!  Thanks Kristi!

Happy crochet’ing,


…ok…one more thing…I also made a Christmas Bat…learn more about it from my previous post here.

watermarked bat

Amigurumi Ducky

photo copy

I made this little ducky for ME!  The plan was to make a little collection of Amigurumi animals over the course of the year that have a slightly wintery vibe to them and one day display them on our Christmas tree.  I’ve been having too much fun making little gifts for my friends and family that I only have 4 animals so far (and who wants to crochet about winter in the summer?)  My husband and I move around a lot with his career and for the past 2 years we haven’t bothered with a Christmas tree because we’d only be moving again.  I like making these amigurumi animals because they don’t break, are easy to squish into a suitcase and one day when we set up a tree, I’ll be able to look at them and associate a time and place where they were made.  (….ewww, I sound so cheesy and lame.  Really, I just want a purpose for making these for myself!  haha!)  Here’s what I’ve made so far, you can find details about them on my previous blog posts.

photo copy 2

This is my second time using a pattern by Son’s Popkes who I follow on WordPress!  (The first pattern I made from Son’s was a fox pattern.)  I like her patterns because they are all so rustic and cute.  The feet and the legs on the duck were really tricky and I’m not sure if I did them correctly but it looks good enough I think.  Once I purchased the pattern, Son’s was available to answer any questions however I thought I’d try to conquer this one on my own.  She also had some great tips about sewing on the beak which I unfortunately didn’t look at until afterward.  Nevertheless, I love how it turned out and will try some of her useful tips next time!

The top hat was inspired by a pattern I’ve used before.

I used a 3.5mm hook and 6mm safety eyes.

Happy Crochet’ing!

Crochet Hook Case

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


Quick, easy and practical!  It’s so nice to have my crochet tools at hand in an organized fashion.

In the case I have a stitch marker, scissors, yarn needles, sewing needles, 4 crochet hooks and a broken chopstick (which is hidden in the pic) used for stuffing my amigurumi creations.

I got the inspiration for this case from a youtube video by “QuiltersWorkshop”

I’d say I’m an intermediate sewer and I found this tutorial very easy to follow.  The only thing I did differently was that I added a white ribbon to the outside of one of the pockets to store my stitch markers.  I also added a flap on the top to prevent the contents from sliding out once it’s rolled up.  I didn’t have an elastic so I used one of those flat, knotted, hair elastics!

Happy Crochet’ing (and sewing!)

Amigurumi Cactus


I LOVE this cactus for a few reasons.  The pattern was so easy to follow, it took no time at all to finish, and it’s so cute!

I purchased the pattern on Etsy from “Jayda In Stitches”.  The pattern was super easy to follow!  Once I purchased the pattern it was ready to download right away and Jayda kindly messaged me to let me know she was available to answer any questions.  (Thanks Jayda!)   

I used a 3.5mm hook, 8mm safety eyes, some polybeads/stuffing, and a some red embroidery floss for the mouth.  I used regular “Vanna’s Choice” yarn for the cactus but chose to use a “kitchen cotton” yarn for the base of the cactus (the pot.)  I like the texture and colour of the kitchen cotton yarn.  It worked well for the pot because it’s a little sturdier and has more of a matte finish like a real terracotta pot!

Happy Crochet’ing!  xo