Crochet Hockey Skate Booties


After numerous FAILED attempts at baby booties, (first attempt being over a year ago) I finally completed a pair of presentable baby booties and I’m so happy!

I bought the patten from OnePaisleyPig on Etsy.  Although it is tricky to crochet with black yarn (because it makes stitches hard to see), her pattern was pretty easy to follow.  The author also included some photos to help you understand how to join the sole and the tongue to the bootie.

I always go to YouTube for helpful tips because there are so many people out there posting videos.  I searched “crochet baby sole” and found a lot of videos that helped explain what to do for that part.  You can find a video example here.

Another tip is to make sure that all of the black yarn you’re using is from the same dye lot!  Since I used the end of an old black yarn for one boot and started a new skein of yarn (same brand) for the second boot, one came out a little shiny and the other one was matte.  Since I didn’t notice the difference until AFTER I crocheted the bootie, I had to cut off the black part of bootie #1 and start again so they would match…tragic!


But even with all the trial and error, I can finally say that I know how to complete a baby bootie and I’m so pumped!

I’ve completed 2 pairs so far to use as toppers on diaper cakes for my friends – they were a hit!

Until next time, happy crochet’ing!




Edmonton Oilers Penguin



I made this penguin for my friend Diane who I met in Edmonton, Alberta.  She is a big fan of the Edmonton Oilers so I thought I’d use that theme for this project.  I loved how it turned out.

To find the pattern, I googled “Amigurumi Penguin” and a lot of search results came up!  The pattern I chose was  this one by “rheatheylia” but I altered it slightly to make the head/body smaller (I didn’t want to make a huge penguin.)    I used a 5mm hook for the head/body.

Reducing the size of the pattern was harder than I expected!  (If anyone has any tips on how to quickly reduce or enlarge amigurumi patterns please send them my way!)  I didn’t want to reduce the pattern any further so for the wings, beak, and tummy, I stuck to the original pattern but used a smaller 3.5mm hook instead of the 5mm one.  For the feet, I made little orange circles.  It worked out well.  Yay!

For eyes, I used 12mm safety eyes with some white felt behind them.  I ordered the eyes from “Lisa and Ed’s Eyes and More.”

*HELPFUL TIP!:  With most amigurumi projects, you have to do a little bit of hand stitching.  For this project, I stitched on the beak, wings, tummy and feet.  I find “Crochet Dude’s Bent End Yarn Needles” to be a great tool to help conceal the stitches.  The bent end allows me to easily stitch hard to reach places.  There’s also a sharp point on the tip of the needle that helps push through those really tight 3.5mm stitches.   (Great idea Crochet Dude!)  I purchased these at Michael’s.