Amigurumi Banana


Something different!  A banana!  I thought I’d start making a few baby friendly fruits and vegetables for my daughter to play with eventually.

I got this banana pattern FREE on ravelry – you can find it here.  I LOVED how it turned out and I finished it so quickly.  The pattern had a really useful diagram to make the banana peels just right.

I used a chunkier yarn and really like how textured it turned out.  It will be great for teething/chewing and it’s washable!  I used “Boston Sun Classic Yarn.”

I used black yarn to sew the baby friendly eyes and mouth (no plastic pieces.)  You can find a great video on how to embroider faces from Planet June here.

I tried something new with the blush on the cheeks!  I used a “Stabilo 3 in 1 crayon.”  I drew directly onto the yarn which was a little intense – luckily, it rubbed off fairly well.  Next time I will colour on a piece of cloth first then gently blot it onto the project.  I’m learning new tricks all the time.  Still, I like the added colour to the face!

Overall, I’m thrilled with how it turned out and am looking forward to start a small collection of fruits and veggies for my little one.

Happy Crochet’ing



2nd Year As A Blogger!


Wow – it’s amazing that 2 years have gone by already.  I’ve really enjoyed working on this blog.  Last year, in particular, flew by.  It was a great year of continuing to try new things and I think I really upped my sewing game!  It’s been a pleasure interacting with so many crafters out there through this blog and through Instagram.

If you’re following my blog – thanks so much for your support.

Find me on instagram: @afriendlikeben

Looking forward to a creative 2016.


I’m sure they’d think again if they had a friend like Ben. – Michael Jackson



Amigurumi Rabbit

watermarked bunny

These amigurumi creations take a little longer for me to complete these days with a newborn but it’s been nice to have a few quiet moments here and there to work on them.

As usual, I’ve added a little scarf to make it a “winter themed” rabbit.  My intention is to have these winter creations as Christmas ornaments when we one day have Christmas at home.  (At the moment my husband’s career moves around.)  Amigurumi has been a great hobby for me because it calms my nerves and I can take it just about anywhere.  The finished products weigh nothing which makes them easy to bring home, they’re not breakable, and when I look at them, I like to remember where I was when I made them.

This was another great pattern from Son’s Popkes.  I love her patterns.  I didn’t have a soft contrasting colour on hand to follow the pattern exactly but I like how it turned out anyway.  The pattern also had great details on how to assemble it together.

For the scarf, I did a chain of white then single crocheted green on each side.  I tied the tails in a knot at the ends.


Lastly, as I was googling amigurumi techniques recently, I came across a great page with some really clear tutorials.  You can find it here.  There are some free patterns and PDF pages to print as well – I love it!  Thanks Kristi!

Happy crochet’ing,


…ok…one more thing…I also made a Christmas Bat…learn more about it from my previous post here.

watermarked bat

Amigurumi Turtle

Okay…how cute did this little turtle turn out?!  I love that his little shell can come on and off.

I made this for my twin sister – our birthdays are coming up and I had yet to crochet something for her!  She loves turtles.

I used a pattern I purchased from Etsy a while ago by LuvlyGurumi.  I don’t know why I waited so long to make this because I LOVED the pattern.  It was super clear, easy to follow, there were large photos and the font was easy to read – I will definitely have to try another one of her patterns in the near future.

I think my sis will like it.

Happy Crochet’ing,


Amigurumi Bat

Bat Amigurumi

I am so excited to give this little bat to my friend who owns a local coffee shop in town.  Being new to the neighbourhood and knowing I’m only here for a few months, she has made me feel right at home and has always been so generous and kind.  Why am I making her a bat, you ask?  I noticed that she wears a lot of “Batman” shirts and has a fondness for bats.  (I get it, I love bats too!)

Once again, I purchased this pattern from Son’s Popkes because I love all of her patterns.  I feel this pattern was one of her best ones to date!  It had so many great details including how to place the eyes correctly (sometimes a challenge for me) and how to embroider the lines on the wings.

It turned out that I needed a little extra guidance with the embroidery part so I found a great video tutorial here.

I used Vanna’s Choice yarn in “Taupe” and “Charcoal Grey.”  I used a 3.5mm hook, polyester stuffing, and 6mm safety eyes.

Overall, I love how it turned out and I think my friend will love it too!

Stay tuned for some new sewing projects in the works!


Amigurumi Raccoon

Raccoon Amigurumi I’ve been working on this raccoon off and on for a few weeks.  I had finished the head a while ago but was reluctant to complete the body because I was unsure of the blue colour accents.  Normally, I would make my forest animals true to the forest but thought the blue accents would be cute for a baby boy’s room or something.

photo 2

I purchased the pattern from Son’s Popkes, and have completed many of her patterns!  I love them!  They are easy to follow and she has a beautiful selection of animals to make.

As you can see, this pattern had a few yarn colour changes throughout.  If you ever need a refresher or would like to learn how to change yarn colours, this video by Planet June is great.

I used Vanna’s Choice yarn, a 3.5mm crochet hook, 6mm safety eyes, and polyester stuffing.

What do you think?

Happy Crochet’ing!


Amigurumi Jellyfish

photo-5 I can’t wait to send this to my old-time friend!  Her adorable son is celebrating his 1st birthday and she’s done such a great job preparing an “under the sea” themed party.  She loves anything beachy, sea-like, marine themed, etc. so I know she’ll really like this jellyfish.  I am happy with how it turned out and it was so fun to make.

I got the pattern for free from a fellow WordPress blogger “MillieOnHerWorld” – thank you! (The pattern was great and easy to follow but I have one correction for “The Body: Rnd 12.”  This is what I did instead:  “Rnd 12: Working with Front Loops only, 5dc in sc, skip 2 sc, sc,. Repeat around. Then fasten off.”)

I changed up my yarn selection this time because I loved the colours of this cotton yarn when I saw it (I usually use Vanna’s Choice acrylic yarn.)  For this project, I used “I Love This Cotton” yarn from Hobby Lobby in “Turquoise” for the body and in “Aqua Ombre” for the base and tentacles.  It was soft and easy to use – I’ll definitely use it again. photo-5 copy I used a 4mm crochet hook, 12mm safety eyes, polyester stuffing and black embroidery floss for the smile. I’ve found this video by “Planet June” very helpful while learning how to stitch on faces to my Amigurumi creations.  Check it out if you’d like to learn more about it!

Happy Crochet’ing!