Toddler Tote Bag with Appliqué


Yay!  After a few months away from my sewing machine I’m finally home and back to it!  Last year, around this time, I took a few bag making classes and today I was able to make this little toddler tote bag without a pattern.  If you’d like to make your own tote from a pattern though, I found a tutorial here.

The template for the appliquéd letters came from a wonderful site called  You can find the adorable free letter templates here.  (I used an upside down “W” for the “M” because the letters only come in lower case.)  The author, Wendi, has some amazing tutorials, patterns and great YouTube videos. I’m a subscriber to her Shiny Happy emails and I love them – I always learn something new!  For example, Wendi often likes to use black thread to outline her appliqué for a more cartoon-like effect.  I wouldn’t have chosen black otherwise but I agree – I love how it turned out.

I have a list a bucket list of sewing projects I’d like to tackle this summer.  I hope I can  Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing,