Modern Appliqued Quilt


Phewf…it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog but for good reason!  We had a beautiful baby girl on September 11th!  I was 41 weeks and a day pregnant so the wait seemed like it took forever.  She arrived happy and healthy and we love her to bits.  This project I made for my dear friend, David, during my last few weeks of pregnancy.  I was inspired by the bright coloured fabrics I saw at the fabric store and wanted to make something totally different!  (If you’ve been following, I’ve mostly made girly, baby things lately!)  I loved making this quilt as it was a welcome distraction to my impatience of anticipating the arrival of our baby girl!

I didn’t follow a pattern however, I was inspired by this quilt here.  I love the modern look to it and thought my friend would love it too.

To make it more personalized, I appliquéd his 2 dogs to the quilt!  One is a Chihuahua and the other is a Toy Rat Terrier.


I used soft, black, Minky Dot fabric for the backing and personalized it with a homemade quilt label.  I used this great tutorial here to make the quilt label.


Judging by this photo, I think they liked it!  xoxo.


Happy Quilting!



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