How to Join Patterned Fabric

line up pattern watermarked

I wanted to make a simple cornice box for the baby’s room using some cute fabric I found on sale!  The only issue…the window was wider than the width of the fabric I was using and there was a repeating pattern I had to match up.  Scary!  Actually, not scary at all.  Here’s how you can easily join patterned fabric for any project.  🙂

First, lay down your 2 fabric panels and find a place you’d like them to join together.  They should be overlapping slightly.


With the panel that will be overlapping, fold back the raw edge about 1/4″ and press with an iron.


Lay the panels together again to make sure they still line up.  They do!  Good.


Secure the fabrics together with a little bit of Elmer’s School Glue along the folded seam!  Press with a hot iron to really make it stay!  (you don’t need too much glue.)



Open up the newly attached fabric panels so they’re laying right sides together.  Where you glued and pressed, there should be a nice, crisp, line you can sew along on the sewing machine.  Sew down the line.  I used some pins to be extra sure that the fabric would stay in place.


After, trim the seam allowance to 1/4″.

And, voila!  A continuous pattern.  Can you tell I have 2 seams along this long panel?


A tutorial on how I made a simple cornice box coming soon!

Happy Sewing,



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