Mary Jane Baby Shoes fastened With White Snaps


I loved making these shoes.  (It was a nice contrast after sewing a big quilt to sewing little baby shoes!)  They were fairly quick and easy to make and I got to use my nifty “Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers” for the little white snaps on the side!

I got the pattern for FREE from a blog called The Cottage Mama – thank you!  You can find the pattern here.  She used velcro instead of snaps for fastening the strap.  If you’d like to learn how I used snaps, scroll on down!

She used fusible fleece interfacing for some of her pieces.  I didn’t have any on hand so I did without.

To start, I cut out the fabric pieces and ironed on the fusible interfacing to wrong side of the grey fabric.  (grey pieces are the outer fabric, yellow pieces are the inner fabric.)

photo 1

I folded, stitched and turned the straps and attached them to the outer fabric of the shoe.  I stitched a 1/4 inch seam on the inner and outer pieces, right sides together, to close up the back of the shoe.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 3

(*stitch strap to the opposite side for the second shoe. —>)

I pinned the sole of the shoe to bottom and stitched it closed with a 1/4 inch seam.  I did the same with the inner fabric.  After, I trimmed the edges with pinking shears and turned the inner fabric right side out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.34.49 AM

Next, I placed the inner fabric inside of the outer fabric (right sides together), pinned it in place and stitched a 1/4 inch seam around the opening of the shoe leaving a 1-inch space opening for turning.  (This was a little tricky to sew because the opening of the shoe is so small!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.50.49 AMI turned the shoe right side out and hand stitched the opening closed with an invisible stitch.  Click here to learn how to invisible stitch (also called a ladder stitch.)

Now for the fun part – adding the white snap buttons using the Babyvillle Boutique Pliers!  (I’ve seen these pliers and snaps by other brands too.  I don’t think it matters which brand you use.  I just happened to buy these last year on sale at Joanne.)

photo 2

The idea to add snaps to the shoes instead of velcro came after I had finished sewing.  Next time, I will put interfacing on the inside of the strap for extra support.

Step 1: Use the pointy piercing tool (it came with the pliers) to punch a hole where you’d like the snaps to be.

photo 5

Step 2:  Push the pin of the flat piece through the hole on the strap.

photo 3

Step 3: Put a round piece on the other 4

Step 4: Smush it together with the pliers.  (The pointy part flattens out!)

photo 1

Step 5: Push another flat piece through the hole on the side of the shoe (flat part on the inside.)

photo 3

Step 6:  Put the other round piece on the other side (see how it’s a little different from round piece on the strap.)  This photo was taken after I “smushed it with the pliers” which is why the pointy part is already flattened out in the photo below.

photo 4

Step 7: Smush it together with the pliers.

photo 2

You’re done!  So easy and professional looking, right?!

After all that, I also found a youtube video that explains how to add the snaps here.

I really enjoyed this project.  Although I posted a lot of steps, it was quick and easy!

Happy sewing!



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