Lap Quilt with Swirly Fur Fabric

Finally, something for the man who bought me my beloved sewing machine for my birthday…last May. – a quilt for my husband!

I can’t say I’m overly thrilled with how the quilt itself looks (I’m not a huge fan of how the pattern and fabric combinations turned out) BUT I’m thrilled with the fact that I successfully completed my first large project and I really amped up my sewing skills in the process.

The fabric collection I used is called “Hearty Good Wishes by Janet Clare” for  I purchased it at a local quilt shop.  My husband doesn’t boat or fish but he likes blue and it was the most masculine collection I could find!

photo 1

Quilts are traditionally backed with cotton but for the extra comfort (and challenge), I backed this quilt with super soft swirly fur fabric AND inserted a layer of batting in-between.  My hubby is tall so I also made this quilt extra long to cover his toes when he’s reclined on the couch.  (How ridiculous did that just sound?!  haha.)

At times, I felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of fabric everywhere!  It was heavy too!  Using a walking foot helped to sew all the layers of the “quilt sandwich” together.  (My walking foot came with the machine but you can purchase them separately.)

photo 4

For the binding I used a technique explained in a previous post that involves Elmer’s Glue and a hot iron.  I wasn’t sure if this technique would work with the fur fabric but it worked like a charm!  As you can see from the final picture, I was able to machine stitch the binding to the quilt without the use of any pins – it’s magical!  Feel free to learn more about it here.

photo 1 photo 2photo 3

I learned a lot with this project and more importantly, my husband loved it.

Happy Sewing!



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