Working With Fusible Vinyl

photo 4

A little while ago, on Black Friday to be exact, I purchased some “Pellon Vinyl Fuse” for the heck of it!  (I can’t resist a good sale.)  I had seen a few posts on Pinterest of cute projects that require it so I thought I’d give it a try.  Basically all it is, is a clear film that you can iron on fabrics to give them a waterproof, plastic-like quality.  (Kind of like that tacky vinyl tablecloth at your grandparent’s house!)

So I made a cute little bag to try it 2

I didn’t think it would actually turn out so I didn’t take any photos of the process!  Turns out, this Vinyl Fuse is actually really easy to use.  I bought it off a roll at the fabric store and It came with instructions.

photo 3

Although easy to use, I have 2 tips:

Because you’re sewing over vinyl and not plain fabric, the foot of your sewing machine might have a hard time gliding across.   I used invisible tape on the bottom of my foot to create less friction.  By doing so I was able to slide over the vinyl effortlessly.

photo 5

Secondly, I thought about the possible BPA content in this vinyl fuse.  Is it safe to use if you’re putting food on it for example?  (I don’t know much about BPA except that you shouldn’t use it!)  I’m not sure if the Pellon brand of vinyl fuse is BPA free but there’s another brand I’d like to try next time called “Heat N Bond Iron-On Vinyl” that is supposed to be BPA free.

So far this year I’ve crossed quilting and vinyl fuse off the bucket list – hope you try something new too!

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Working With Fusible Vinyl

  1. thanks for your post! ended up at your blog while searching for the instructions on the fusable vinyl – got home from the fabric store & the instructions are no where to be found, despite the fact that I watched her cut instructions for me! i appreciate the picture. 🙂 and i appreciate the tip on the tape – i did that as well and worked like a charm!

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