Someone’s a little late to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

photo 1 copy 2 I’ve been working on this squirrel for forever!!!!  He was started in Edmonton, Canada, then flew to Oklahoma City, OK, then to Toronto, Canada, then finally was driven to Utica, NY.  (My husband and I travel a lot for his career.)  This is the main reason why I LOVE crochet.  I can pick it up and take it with me anywhere! I got this pattern from a fellow blogger, “Son’s Popkes.”  Her patterns are easy to follow and she’s always available to answer any questions. (I also follow “Squirrel Picnic” and think she’d like this!) For those of you who are not familiar with “Amigurumi”, it often involves crocheting separate pieces and then hand stitching them in place to create little figures.  The picture below shows all the pieces of the squirrel ready to be stitched together.   I took the picture then realized I FORGOT THE TAIL!  Ugh…that happens all the time! photo 1 copy But once the tail was finished he looked complete…except for the final touch – An Ugly Christmas Sweater! Why does he need a Christmas Sweater?  Read this post. I got this little sweater from Michael’s.  I couldn’t find the link online but if you’re interested, the brand is “Celebrate It” and it’s supposed to be Christmas ornament.  It was way too big for the little squirrel so I had to do some alterations! photo 2 copy The little squirrel watched me sew, LOL!photo 5 After the fact, I wanted to look into some techniques for embroidering amigurumi faces.  Although this little squirrel’s face is probably fine, I think I could’ve stitched in the nose a little better.  I found these amazing videos by NattyPatCrochet and will definitely try some of her techniques next time. Overall, I am pleased with how he turned out. Happy Crocheting!  xo photo 2 copy 2


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