Crochet Baby Bear Hat – FREE PATTERN


Firstly, Kudos to you crochet pattern designers out there!  One of my goals this year was to be able to provide a free pattern for my followers so I’m very excited about this post…but there were a lot of trials and errors to get a reasonable pattern!  So, I know this hat may look very simple to some, but for me, it’s a big accomplishment to make a pattern!

I’m used to making “Amigurumi” so the size of the hook doesn’t really affect how the finished Amigurumi turns out.  With hats however, I thought the hook size really mattered because it needs a particular fit.  After a little research, I found this handy blog “Crochet in Color” that helps you size a hat properly regardless of the hook size.

I also saw this chart below that works as a good reference.



Newborn Size (0-3 months)

(FOR PDF VERSION, CLICK:  Baby Bear Hat Crochet Pattern)


blue yarn (B), cream yarn (C)  ( I used “Vanna’s Choice”, Medium (4) weight)

J 6.0 mm crochet hook

yarn needle



R1: Ch 2, 12 dc in magic ring. Sl st in 2nd chain of the beginning ch-2 (12 sts).

R2: Ch 2, 2 dc in each dc around, sl st in 2nd chain of the beg ch-2 (24 sts).

R3: Ch 2, (2 dc in next st, dc in next stitch) x12, sl st in 2nd chain of beg ch-2 (36 sts).

R4-9: Ch 2, dc 36, sl st in 2nd chain of the beg ch-2 (36 sts).

Finish off.


(start in blue)

R1: 6 sc in magic ring. (6)

R2: 2 Sc in each sc around. (change to C in 5th, change to B in 7th) (12)

R3-4: Sc in each st around.  (change to C in 4th, change to B in 8th) (12)

R5: (all in blue) Sc in each stitch around. (12)

Fasten off and leave long end for sewing.

**Optional, use a yarn needle and the tail end of the cream colour to stitch over any visible blue showing through on the ears.

Below is an example of what it looked like before stitching the cream colour over ears and after:


photoSew open end of ear together.  Stitch ears to hat over 2nd and 3rd row.

…And there you have it.  Please let me know if you give it a try or if you have any feedback!

Thanks, and happy crocheting,



Working With Fusible Vinyl

photo 4

A little while ago, on Black Friday to be exact, I purchased some “Pellon Vinyl Fuse” for the heck of it!  (I can’t resist a good sale.)  I had seen a few posts on Pinterest of cute projects that require it so I thought I’d give it a try.  Basically all it is, is a clear film that you can iron on fabrics to give them a waterproof, plastic-like quality.  (Kind of like that tacky vinyl tablecloth at your grandparent’s house!)

So I made a cute little bag to try it 2

I didn’t think it would actually turn out so I didn’t take any photos of the process!  Turns out, this Vinyl Fuse is actually really easy to use.  I bought it off a roll at the fabric store and It came with instructions.

photo 3

Although easy to use, I have 2 tips:

Because you’re sewing over vinyl and not plain fabric, the foot of your sewing machine might have a hard time gliding across.   I used invisible tape on the bottom of my foot to create less friction.  By doing so I was able to slide over the vinyl effortlessly.

photo 5

Secondly, I thought about the possible BPA content in this vinyl fuse.  Is it safe to use if you’re putting food on it for example?  (I don’t know much about BPA except that you shouldn’t use it!)  I’m not sure if the Pellon brand of vinyl fuse is BPA free but there’s another brand I’d like to try next time called “Heat N Bond Iron-On Vinyl” that is supposed to be BPA free.

So far this year I’ve crossed quilting and vinyl fuse off the bucket list – hope you try something new too!

Until next time,


Thought I’d Give Quilting A Try!

Every time I’m at the cutting table in a fabric store, I’m always looking over to admire the fabrics others have chosen for their quilts.  I love seeing all the colour combinations and patterns – they’re just too cute sometimes!  So, I thought I’d give it a try!

There are a few things I did to get started.  Firstly, I bought a pack of coordinating “fat quarters” (the woodland themed fabric shown wasn’t my #1 choice but I wanted to start at the inexpensive level.) I also watched this FREE “Piece, patch, quilt: basic quilting techniques” tutorial on  This tutorial was super informative and provided a lot of helpful tips.

After watching the tutorial, I got started on my first quilt but knew that I would learn so much more if I learned from someone in person.  I popped by the “Sew Wilde” quilting shop in New Hartford, NY, and I AM SO GLAD I DID because Shelly, the owner, was fantastic!  She taught me a “quilt as you go” method using strips and I learned some great techniques that I didn’t learn in the video tutorial.

One amazing tip that blew my mind was how she used a small amount Elmer’s School Glue to hold the binding in place.  The iron really helps the glue stabilize the fabric and you don’t need to use pins!  The glue washes away very easily and if kindergartener’s can eat it, I think its safe!

Click here to see a great video that demonstrates this method of binding the quilt.

Am I hooked on quilting?…not quite sure yet but I’m going to pop back into Sew Wilde next week to learn some more techniques.  I’d like to work my way up to trying a full size quilt.

Hope you can give quilting a try too!

Someone’s a little late to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

photo 1 copy 2 I’ve been working on this squirrel for forever!!!!  He was started in Edmonton, Canada, then flew to Oklahoma City, OK, then to Toronto, Canada, then finally was driven to Utica, NY.  (My husband and I travel a lot for his career.)  This is the main reason why I LOVE crochet.  I can pick it up and take it with me anywhere! I got this pattern from a fellow blogger, “Son’s Popkes.”  Her patterns are easy to follow and she’s always available to answer any questions. (I also follow “Squirrel Picnic” and think she’d like this!) For those of you who are not familiar with “Amigurumi”, it often involves crocheting separate pieces and then hand stitching them in place to create little figures.  The picture below shows all the pieces of the squirrel ready to be stitched together.   I took the picture then realized I FORGOT THE TAIL!  Ugh…that happens all the time! photo 1 copy But once the tail was finished he looked complete…except for the final touch – An Ugly Christmas Sweater! Why does he need a Christmas Sweater?  Read this post. I got this little sweater from Michael’s.  I couldn’t find the link online but if you’re interested, the brand is “Celebrate It” and it’s supposed to be Christmas ornament.  It was way too big for the little squirrel so I had to do some alterations! photo 2 copy The little squirrel watched me sew, LOL!photo 5 After the fact, I wanted to look into some techniques for embroidering amigurumi faces.  Although this little squirrel’s face is probably fine, I think I could’ve stitched in the nose a little better.  I found these amazing videos by NattyPatCrochet and will definitely try some of her techniques next time. Overall, I am pleased with how he turned out. Happy Crocheting!  xo photo 2 copy 2