My First Year As A Blogger!

With today being New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the last year of my blog.  After all, December 28th was the 1 year anniversary of “AFriendLikeBen”!  (YAY!)

If you’re following my blog, thank you so much!  It’s such an awesome feeling seeing those little notifications to let me know I have a new follower or that someone liked something I created.  I’ve been clicking around a lot this year and hope you’ve seen a notification or a “like” from me as well.

In 2015, not only am I hoping to add more posts to AFriendLikeBen but I’d like to continue learning and getting involved in the blogging community. I love connecting with new people who are sharing their passion for what they do.

As this year comes to a close, I’m feeling grateful for the opportunity to learn how to use WordPress, for having access to the materials I need to create, and for being able to find some time to do it (among the many things I’m grateful for.)

Keep moving forward, everyone – Love and best wishes for a wonderful 2015,


“I’m sure they’d think again if they had a friend like Ben.” – “Ben” by Michael Jackson


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