Christmas Card Creations

photo 2

This year I thought I’d create our own Christmas Cards to send out and I love how they turned out.  I don’t call myself an visual artist but I gained a lot of confidence in my doodling skills after teaching grade 2.  It didn’t matter what I came up with, those kids loved everything I drew!  I’ve always liked using Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas.

The secret, I believe, is using the right tools.  When creating these little cards, I chose to use “Micron Pens” which are black markers with various sizes of tips on them.  I also used fine tip red and green sharpies for the little bit of colour. Sakura-Pigma-Micron-6-Nib-Sizes-and-Lines-1-2

Being able to use various thicknesses with the lines created interesting depth and artistry…ok I’ll stop pretending…I was just trying to speak like an artist.  Someone who knows what they’re talking about however is an artist named, Joanne Fink (  She has amazing tips and videos on how to use these Micron pens effectively.  I used her techniques when doing my cursive writing.

To jazz up the envelopes I picked up these neat stamps on sale at Michael’s.  With a Christmas themed postage stamp they looked really festive and cute! image-2

So go out, grab a pack of micron pens and surprise yourself!  Happy Holidays! xo


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