Happy 1 year of Crochet to me! I made a “Wintery Wolf” to celebrate!

photo 1-2 Happy 1 year of crochet to me!  On this day last year, I took my first “Amigurumi Crochet” class in Edmonton, Canada.  I had a very good teacher and have enjoyed making these little characters and posting them on this blog!  If you’re ever in Edmonton, you can find the Amigurumi Crochet class here. I am very proud of this wolf because I was slightly inventive with the pattern.  To make the wolf I used a ‘fox pattern’ I already owned but changed the colours.  For the hood, I found an amazing FREE pattern from AmigurumiToGo.com that also came with a fantastic youtube video.  The hood required me to perform double crochet stitches in rows which was new to me but the video was so well done that I didn’t have any issues.  Because double crochet stitches have some space between them, I was able to easily slip the wolf’s ears through the stitches. photo 2-2 I’m going to add the wolf to my collection of winter themed forest animals I’ve made. I’m hoping by this time next year, I’ll be able to create and post up a free pattern for someone to try…we’ll see! Happy Crochet’ing Tara