Plush Toy Sewing Pattern


The other night, I got into some sewing again!  This was supposed to be a dog however, it turned into a mouse somehow!  I consider myself a beginner sewer so I wasn’t surprised to see the final product look a little different than the pattern.  I only had a small selection of grey and floral fabric at the time too which didn’t help the situation.  Still, it’s cute!

Here’s how it was supposed to look:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.43.12 AM

I purchased the pattern on Etsy at “ElfPop’s” Store.  It was an instant download and I found the pattern very easy to follow.

I found closing the project along the bottom to be very difficult (as you can see in my project, the raw edges of the legs are showing!  haha).  Clearly, I need more practice with hand stitching fabrics.

I liked her tip of using fabric glue to hold the small felt pieces in place while you stitch them on the sewing machine instead of using pins.

I used interfacing and 6mm safety eyes for the eyes.

I emailed ElfPop a few questions so I can try this out again!  Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!


Amigurumi Ducky

photo copy

I made this little ducky for ME!  The plan was to make a little collection of Amigurumi animals over the course of the year that have a slightly wintery vibe to them and one day display them on our Christmas tree.  I’ve been having too much fun making little gifts for my friends and family that I only have 4 animals so far (and who wants to crochet about winter in the summer?)  My husband and I move around a lot with his career and for the past 2 years we haven’t bothered with a Christmas tree because we’d only be moving again.  I like making these amigurumi animals because they don’t break, are easy to squish into a suitcase and one day when we set up a tree, I’ll be able to look at them and associate a time and place where they were made.  (….ewww, I sound so cheesy and lame.  Really, I just want a purpose for making these for myself!  haha!)  Here’s what I’ve made so far, you can find details about them on my previous blog posts.

photo copy 2

This is my second time using a pattern by Son’s Popkes who I follow on WordPress!  (The first pattern I made from Son’s was a fox pattern.)  I like her patterns because they are all so rustic and cute.  The feet and the legs on the duck were really tricky and I’m not sure if I did them correctly but it looks good enough I think.  Once I purchased the pattern, Son’s was available to answer any questions however I thought I’d try to conquer this one on my own.  She also had some great tips about sewing on the beak which I unfortunately didn’t look at until afterward.  Nevertheless, I love how it turned out and will try some of her useful tips next time!

The top hat was inspired by a pattern I’ve used before.

I used a 3.5mm hook and 6mm safety eyes.

Happy Crochet’ing!