Amigurumi Bunny

photo 2

I made this as a gift for my little niece, Olivia who just turned one!  This was by far my biggest project to date and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  I learned how to “half double crochet in the round” (with the help of Crochet Ever After’s awesome tutorial) and saw a personal improvement with how I hand stitched all of the pieces together.  A little practice makes everything easier, doesn’t it?

I purchased the pattern on Etsy at Lilleliis’ shop.  THE PATTERN WAS REALLY WELL DONE AND EASY TO FOLLOW!  It was full of great tips and pictures too.

I used a 3.5mm hook, 12mm safety eyes, stuffing, and I inserted folded-in-half pipe cleaners into the ears, arms, and legs so they could bend a little.

I used pink embroidery thread and a sewing needle to stitch on the nose.  I tried to use yarn and stitch on a nose similar to the one in the pattern but I couldn’t get my dull yarn needles through the tight stitches.  Next time, I want to purchase a strong yet sharp needle so I can use yarn and stitch on a nose like the pattern suggested.


photo 1

(My husband took a picture of me sewing on the last piece because I was so excited to have finally completed it!)



P.S…my niece and sister-in-law loved it!     🙂




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