Edmonton Oilers Penguin



I made this penguin for my friend Diane who I met in Edmonton, Alberta.  She is a big fan of the Edmonton Oilers so I thought I’d use that theme for this project.  I loved how it turned out.

To find the pattern, I googled “Amigurumi Penguin” and a lot of search results came up!  The pattern I chose was  this one by “rheatheylia” but I altered it slightly to make the head/body smaller (I didn’t want to make a huge penguin.)    I used a 5mm hook for the head/body.

Reducing the size of the pattern was harder than I expected!  (If anyone has any tips on how to quickly reduce or enlarge amigurumi patterns please send them my way!)  I didn’t want to reduce the pattern any further so for the wings, beak, and tummy, I stuck to the original pattern but used a smaller 3.5mm hook instead of the 5mm one.  For the feet, I made little orange circles.  It worked out well.  Yay!

For eyes, I used 12mm safety eyes with some white felt behind them.  I ordered the eyes from “Lisa and Ed’s Eyes and More.”

*HELPFUL TIP!:  With most amigurumi projects, you have to do a little bit of hand stitching.  For this project, I stitched on the beak, wings, tummy and feet.  I find “Crochet Dude’s Bent End Yarn Needles” to be a great tool to help conceal the stitches.  The bent end allows me to easily stitch hard to reach places.  There’s also a sharp point on the tip of the needle that helps push through those really tight 3.5mm stitches.   (Great idea Crochet Dude!)  I purchased these at Michael’s.




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