Amigurumi Guy!


I had a lot of fun making this character and learned even more techniques with this pattern!  It is for my friend, David!

It took me a while to find this pattern.  I saw a picture Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.20.28 PMof this monster on Pinterest and searched the author’s name (Allison Hoffman) until a PDF file came up! You can find it here.  Instead of making a monster, I made mine into more of a character because David loves the theatre and I felt that it needed a top hat instead of horns!

The pattern was fairly easy to follow.  There are a few errors in the “arms” section regarding colour changes but it’s easy to figure out if you follow the same stripe pattern as the body.  I really like how the legs blend into the body so he can stand.  It was my first time doing the body and legs as one piece.  I’m used to making the legs separately.

If you look at his feet he has toes!  They were made doing a “bobble stitch” which was also new to me.  I had to look it up on youtube – this video by was great!

I looked up how to make the top hat on crafty keg’s blog. Thanks!

I noticed as I was crocheting the stripes that they didn’t line up at the back.  😦  This awesome video called “crochet jobless photo 1stripes” on was really helpful.  I had already completed the body when I came across the video so I was only able to try the technique on the second arm.  It worked so I know for next time.

For his face I used a 8mm safety eye with a felt star behind it and a 12mm safety eye.  I put pipe cleaners in the arms for posing and used a 5mm hook this time to crochet all the parts.

The bow tie is a JHB button called “beau” style #25222photo 3


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