Valentine’s Day Amigurumi Dog!

20140206-105532.jpgSince 1998, I have been exchanging Valentine’s with my best friend, Andrea. When we were 14, we didn’t have boyfriends so we made a pact to always be each other’s Valentine. Now we’re both happily married but continue to send little gifts near and far. This year, she is in Toronto, Canada and I’m currently in Florida. I’m giving away my first “amigurumi gift” and it’s flying to her internationally! I hope she likes it – it is my most intricate project to date.

Andrea loves dogs so I searched online for a cute pattern. I came across “Buffy The Dog” at , the site has a lot of really cute patterns and this pattern, to my surprise, was FREE!  (“THANKYOU, Little Owl’s Hut!”)  I saw that the author posted this pattern on Craftsy as well.

I really enjoyed this pattern because it had a few new challenges but they were easy to conquer because well written instructions and pictures were included.  I really liked how I could attach the ears and legs to the dog as I was crocheting versus stitching them onto the head and body later on.  To make all the parts, I used a 3.5mm hook.

image♥  Here I’m stitching through the leg and into the round so that it attaches to the body as I stitch rather than completing the body and then sewing the leg on afterward.  The pattern demonstrates this as well.

To make it extra special, I inserted pipe cleaners into the ears and arms for support/mobility, I inserted safety eyes (8mm) instead of beads for eyes, I filled the bottom of the body with poly-fil beads for weight, AND…I stitched on a heart that says “made with love.”  (The little hearts came in a package of 10 from Michaels by “Bead Landing – Specialty findings.”)

image (3) image (4)♥  When ordering safety eyes, order them with the washers.  They go into your project like a set of earrings.  I ordered mine online from “Lisa and Ed’s eyes and more.” (8mm)

image (2)

♥  Before closing the body, I cut the foot off of a pair of nylons, filled it with poly-fil beads, then stuffed it into the dog.  Next time, I’ll put the nylon in first, then fill it with beads – I think that will be a little easier.


♥    While completing the body, I stitched on a red heart button and then the “made with love” charm on top.”


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