Reindeer #2

Feeling a little afraid to crochet with a darker yarn, I thought I’d try making the reindeer from sewsillylily again.  This time, I made 2 tails (One light and one dark) and sewed them together to give this new reindeer a lighter underside of the tail.  Instead of using embroidery thread to make eyes like I did with my previous reindeer, I used safety eyes from Lisa & Ed’s eyes and more.  I feel the safety eyes make such a big difference with how finished product looks.  This reindeer I made in half the time as the other one so I’m seeing an improvement with my crocheting skills already!

I found a lot of helpful amigurumi sewing tips from Planet June’s youtube channel.  She knows what she’s talking about and has a lot of useful videos!



Felted Mouse…or rat? I’m not sure.

I’ve seen needle felting a few times at different craft shows and have always thought it would be fun to try.  The $10 penguin starter kit from michael’s was great so I thought, why not try something a little more challenging.  I was inspired by  as she makes these beautiful lifelike animals and had a video tutorial on how to make a mouse (my favourite!)  Unfortunately, I didn’t have very mousy colours of wool to use and the face isn’t nearly as cute as the ones Sarah makes.  I avoided finishing it for a week because I was so worried it would turn out creepy !!  Overall though, I think it was a good first try.  I’m currently staying at a hotel so I wonder what the cleaning staff have thought during my process of making this mouse!  Eeek, it looked scary for a while!

!  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Amigurumi Fox


A fox I made. The pattern is from Son’s Popkes on but now I follow her blog too – she’s awesome!  It was really easy to follow and she answered a question I had really quickly via email. I ordered the safety eyes and nose online from Lisa & Ed’s Eyes and more.  Their website isn’t fancy but their service was great!

My First Amigurumi Project

Amigurumi Monster

This was my first project after taking an Amigurumi class in Edmonton, AB.  After reading “Orange is the New Black”, I became interested in the art of crochet because it served as a comforting and fun activity for the ladies in the book.  It doesn’t require a lot of materials and if you can do it it prison, then you can probably take it anywhere!  When I looked up “crochet” while I was in Edmonton, a class about amigurumi was available to take.  Amigurumi is a Japanese form of crochet where you make stuffed animals and figures.  It sounded good so I signed up!  My amigurumi teacher, Beck, was really good!  If you happen to be in Edmonton, I highly recommend her class.